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Rickey Yaneza: Filipino

We were classmates for eight years. Rickey Yaneza was already a pop culture junkie even then. But who could've known that, 25 years later, we would meet again several oceans away from where we first met? He was always last on the class list then, but now he's always first on Pinoy Top Blogs.

Rickey Yaneza Rickey Yaneza

The photos above were taken a few hours ago. The photo on the left was taken in Trader Joe's. I told him to think of a shot that would suggest that he's in New York. Well, the fact that he's holding a pack of buffalo burgers doesn't quite convey this, but check out the old man behind him—who appeared out of nowhere and posed for the camera. Now, that was a New York moment =)

The photo on the right was my idea, and gives you an idea how obvious I can get. Rickey, after all, is not just known for writing about "American Idol" at Rickey.org. He's also written more posts about "StarStruck" on Pinoy Rickey than any other show. Rickey is wearing a Monday shirt because, of course, we met on a Monday.

Quotable quote about his A-list blogger status: "I was lucky to find an audience that was willing to read what I wrote."

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