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Librarian Sex

According to blogtricks, one of the most popular referrers for this blog is "Google: librarian sex." But why are Google users putting those two words together?

MyBlogLog.com confirms that more than just a few are visiting this blog and clicking on the links in "Sex in the Library." Almost every week, you see, one or two links in that post make it into the top 5 links that visitors click. And it's a relatively old post.

Could it be that many are wondering what librarians think of sex? Well, there's "Is library a place for porn?" by Erica Meltzer (Arizona Daily Star, 24 April 2006), which discusses libraries and porn as if librarians didn't exist. And then there's "School bans low-hanging pants" (The Local, 6 April 2006), which mentions that librarians are "not known for keeping up with trends, and... are banning pupils from borrowing books if their underwear is showing above their belts," but does not mention the word "sex" even once.

Well, I really don't know what the answer is. But it's interesting that this blog is the number 2 result in "librarian sex" searches on Google. Right after Librarians in Pornography =)

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