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American Disses Filipinos

It feels good that I'm not "Too Busy to Blog" anymore, but I do have one more deadline to meet. So instead of replying to this blog's first troll, who appeared on the same day I started posting again, I decided that I would just let my readers judge his far-out opinions for themselves. It is ironic, though, that this American expat actually left his comments on "What Do Foreigners See That We Don't?" It just goes to show that not all foreigners staying in the Philippines see our country the same way.

I will address the issue that got him started in another post, but here are his comments, with the one comment I bothered to make in bold:

[In case you miss it, here's his most hilarious comment: "you got students with 4 year bachelor degrees... that can't even spell!" The pot called the kettle black.]

What??? You said Americans invaded Philippines? What history book did you read that in? Who told you such nonsense? In the 1940's Americans came here to SAVE your country and your people from Japanese invasion. We lost thousands of Americans to save your land and your people (many of our kids have no father, no brother, no uncle, no grandfater... and imagine how they feel when they read your comments about Americans "invading" Philips). It wasn't the first time Americans came here to save your people and your country and it may not be the last time, so do not ever insult the Americans.Your present and past government has taken advantage of your people, but it's not our fault. Your people wanted "independence" - and America gave you independence. Now look at you. Your culture is the way it is for a reason: Your crooked government can take advance of you because they brainwashed you for centuries and you were suckers for it. Change some of yr culture beliefs and maybe you'll have a better life. Start with changing the belief that a kid (girls) must go work for her family to support them. That's a foolish belief; only a lazy person can excuse that as a culture belief! Yr government snickers at you for that belief because it means less people yr government must worry about, so they brainwashed yr people (like the spaniards did). The spanish brainwashed yr mountain folks to believe there's monsters in the mountains. To this day, people in samar and other parts of the philips believe in asawang! Hey!!! ... there's no boogie man! It was the Spaniards way of fooling your people to get them out of the mountains, just as yr government has been fooling you stupid people for centuries to believe you MUST support yr family. Go get a job, support yrself! Tell yr family that; tell yr brothers, sisters and father get a job support yrself. In a short time, you'll see changes made by yr government to improve things here. Yr people are going to America because we have a decent govnmnt, good jobs and good pay. Why do you think we have all that? We're not stupid, that's why! So .. next time an American gives you some advice, why not listen? After all, we did save yr people and your country... twice! We're clever people. Pay attention. Change some of yr "culture beliefs" and you'll have a better life in yr own country.
joe | 04.26.08 - 11:22 pm | #

Your people (Filipinos) are lazy. Thats the main reason for poverty and the horrible, crooked government you have in Philips. Yr people are too lazy to get a job, so they stand on street corners duriing election to accept the small bribes politicians hand out for yr votes! Stop that foolish tradition and vote for changes! Show yr govrnment yr not going to tolerate their illegal conduct, even if you have to go hungry, and God knows NONE of you will go hungry if you refuse a small bribe once a year! Next, you need to start WALKINNG instead of getting on the jeepneys and trikes. This will eliminate a whole lot of pollution and clear up some of the traffic. It also means less money for yr government from the small business owners operating those trike and jeepney services. I see filipinos get on a jeepney or trike to go a few blocks. Yr spending money for this. Save yr money, walk the few blocks! Find ways to improve yr society. Listen to foreigners - we're not stupid. Instead of spending all day at the internet cafe chatting guys to scam them for money, utilize yr time and money to educate yrself and yr people about the many ways to remove crooked politicans. Start by REFUSING to accept their bribes. Refuse to attend their beer parties and dance parties. Refuse their offerings of any kind. When you see the politicians blasting into town with 6 police escorts, new cars, buses blowing horns and sirens... refuse to look at them, refuse to acknowledge them... turn yr heads (and yr hands) away. Refuse to vote for them and refuse to do busiiness with business owners who use their store fronts to advertise for these crooked politicians. AND STOP WATCHING WOW WOW WEE AND DEAL OR NO DEAL!!! or any other program backed by yr politicans. STOP DRINKING SAM MIG BEER AND STOP BUYINIG SAM MIG PRODUCTS!!! These shows are put on yr tv to "passify" yr people, esp those without jobs! It's yr govrnment brainwashing yr people. Dont you get it??? OMG! Rally and unite and speak out... make it clear to yr govrnment that yr not going to tolerate this crap from them. and show them by turning off yr tv, refusiing bribes, and any other way yr govrnment makes money... eliminate it. Yr people hold the key to fixing the problem - the key is in the number of people u have in this country. Unite. You might have to work a little harder and eat a little less for a short time, but you'll get changes if you unite and stand up for yr rights. And stop blaming foreigners for yr problems!
expat | 04.26.08 - 11:49 pm | #

hey joe and expat, i can see your IP address so don't think you can pretend to be different people.

but to answer your first question, yes, the americans invaded our country in 1898. just like vietnam. just like iraq.

the rest of your "points" do not merit a reply.
vonjobi | Homepage | 04.27.08 - 12:56 am | #

yes, i'm well aware you can "see" my ip address and note I am one in the same, and i surely did not "pretend" to be 2 different people, its clear form my posts i'm the same person, but came back to make more points because i wasn't sure your cheaply designed (free) blog could handle the entire text i wrote.

i really dont care whether you respond to anything i said. it wasn't put there for you to respond. its the truth, as i see it and as thousands (perhaps millions) of other foreingers see it.

as for american-filipino war, please go back and research this a bit more ok? the philips was american territory. the war was yr dictators and a handful of crusaders trying to gain complete indpendence. you lost, and americans continued to occupy this country BECAUSE YOU STUPID MORONS AND YR GOVERNMENT CANNOT DO A VERY GOOD JOB RUNNING THIS COUNTRY, AS EVIDENCED BY YOUR CURRENT STATE ... A PROBLEM YOU'VE HAD FOR HOW MANY DECADES? I would not refer to that 1898 war as an "invasion" - the americans already occupied this land... it was american territory! I thought you said yr a lib science student or something? dont insult me with yr 2-bit comments representing yr total ignorance of history of yr own country!

anyway... to this day.. america protects yr people and yr land. right now in oceans offshore of mindano waits american battle ships. thousands of our troops are in mindano helping your soliders protect people from muslim groups and terrorists. most of it is to "train" yr soliders... but more of it has to do with yr country being so far behind in technology. in 98 percent of the philips, yr about 20 years behind the US in technology. in other places, yr 30 to 50 years behind us. even in bigger cites, omg i went to a girl's house and the new telephone they just had installed is something we used in 1965!!! YR INTERNET SPEED IS SO DAMN SLOW I'M AFRAID THIS MSG WONT SEND, IT WILL TIME OUT BEFORE IT POSTS!! and this is "HIGH" Speed internet, from yr major ISP ("SMARTbro"). wow. hey i'm not attacking you personally. if you can't admit yr country is screwed because yr people are stupid and lazy, then hey that's up to you. any american coming to this country sees and agrees with what i've said. i know this because i speak to americans every day, many lives in philips 20 to 30 years. we know the difference; we lived in america, and we lived here. yr country is screwed dude. only good thing here is some cute chicks and a few nice beaches, bbut even the nice beaches are going downhill fast. yr country is so dambn polluted its discusting. everywhere. pollution, garbarge. yr people are too damn lazy to use a trash can, just throw garbage on the street, in the water, it's pure stupidity, lazy, and incompetence. you got students with 4 year bachelor degrees working at mcdo and jollybe that can't even spell! americans complain about yr HORRIBLE serivce in nearly every restro we visit. kids with bachelor degree can't ev
expat | 04.27.08 - 3:27 am | #

expat | 04.27.08 - 3:31 am | #

what you see is not MY ip, fool. omg. i'm not here to educate you ok?
expat | 04.27.08 - 3:31 am | #

lol, and dont 4get, not only are americans smart, we have money. lots of it! most americans have more than 1 computer (I have 6, and im not even at my home in america!!!). thats because i have money... because im smart. if you were smart, you would have 6 laptops, too. so if i was trying to fool anyone, i'd just use another computer, or change my ip address. right? you want different ip address? here's 6 different ips. count em.... here's 1
expat | 04.27.08 - 3:38 am | #

I order and command:
1. That peace and friendly relations with the Americans be broken and that the latter be treated as enemies, within the limits prescribed by the laws of war.

2. That the Americans captured be held as prisoners of war.

3. That this proclamation be communicated to the consuls and that congress order and accord a suspension of the constitutional guarantee, resulting from the declaration of war.

Thats what your government pronounced in a declaration. the "war" you mention was actually started by a drunken filipino who refused to "halt" when an american solider shouted at him to stop. the filipino was armed and refused to halt. he was shot. he was drunk, and so were the 3 filipinos he was with (according to yr own government reports). americans never came to philips to "invade" as you put it. omg yr so soooooo stupid.
expat | 04.27.08 - 3:49 am | #

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