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FO: Open Access Journals

In "Open Access in the Third World," I predicted that "the traditional journal will eventually have to be abandoned" and that "in a Third World country like the Philippines, it is, in my opinion, the only way to go." Two years later, it seems that the open access movement is finally gaining supporters in the Philippines. True, many of the journals listed below still do not make articles available in full text (so don't disregard my old list of "Journals" just yet), but enough of them have entire articles—not just abstracts or excerpts—available as PDFs that there is reason to believe that the others will follow suit eventually.

It is, I think, rather unfortunate that there seem to be two competing sites, instead of just one, but hey, whatever works! There are also other journals that could at least be listed with one or the other (e.g., Kritike, Philippine Journal of Science), but aren't. Here's hoping their editorial boards will see the wisdom of appearing on the same page as other Filipino journals.

The titles with one asterisk (*) are those that provide the full texts of some articles for free, while those with two asterisks (**) are those that make all articles available for download. If you discover that I missed putting an asterisk(s) after a title, please leave a comment below.

University of the Philippines Diliman Journals Online

Humanities Diliman*
Science Diliman*
Social Science Diliman*
Journal of English Studies and Comparative Literature*
Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies**
Review of Women's Studies
Philippine Humanities Review
Diliman Review

Philippine Journals Online
Asia-Pacific Social Science Review
Budhi: A Journal of Ideas and Culture**
DLSU Business & Economics Review**
Far Eastern University Communication Journal
Far Eastern University English Language Journal
Journal of Research in Science, Computing and Engineering
Kritika Kultura**
Loyola Schools Review
Mindanao Law Journal
Philippine Computing Journal**
Philippine Information Technology Journal**
Philippine Journal of Neurology
Philippine Journal of Psychology
Philippine Journal of Public Administration
Philippine Population Review
Philippine Sociological Review
Philippine Studies* (see also "FO: Philippine Studies")
The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher
The Philippine Scientist*
University Belt Consortium Research Journal

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