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FO: Katipunan Documents and Studies

Why was the Katipunan established? What exactly did Katipuneros talk about during their meetings? What were the names of the Katipuneros? All these questions and more are addressed by Katipunan Documents and Studies (KDS), which presents transcriptions of primary documents—in Tagalog and/or the Katipunan's secret code—along with translations, introductions and sources in English (though not consistently for all documents).

It is noted on the site that KDS intends to complement—not compete with—Bonifacio Papers (which I first featured in "FO: Bonifacio Day"), but any comparisons made are not really applicable because KDS presents primary sources, not just what scholars have written about them. KDS is an excellent resource, but photos of the actual documents—not just transcriptions—would have been even better. Then again, the absence of photos could just be an indication of the dearth of evidence about Bonifacio and the Katipunan.

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