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2008: Year in Review

Happy new year!

This is the third time I'm doing this (see 2006 and 2007), but this is the first time I'm posting my annual review in Manila, instead of Toronto. In case you don't know it yet, I'm back in the Philippines for a few months to do research and write the first draft of my dissertation—wish me luck!—while I'm here.

In 2007, I wrote that:

What follows is not exactly the "first paragraph/sentence" of each post... but it's probably better this way. Interestingly, the posts seem to be fairly representative of what this blog is all about.

January: Filipino Librarian : WikiPinoy of the Year?
Recognition is always good, but the reason it has taken me this long to write about it, aside from the fact that I've had a lot to do, is that I have mixed feelings about the "award."
February: FO: Plays
Thanks to a comment left by Aurelio, I thought of looking for plays that are available online.
March: Of Budgets, Leadership and the National Library
Public libraries don't get enough funding. From "Public library gets budget for repair, new books" (Cebu Daily News, 20 February 2008): For the first time, the Mandaue City Public Library is getting a budget to buy new reading materials and repair the building.
April: Deadline for Nominations for 2008 National Book Awards
The deadline for submission of nominations for the 2008 National Book Awards is 30 April 2008. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, this information has not been widely disseminated.
May: Get Hooked on TV... on Your Computer
Before you continue reading, you should know that clicking on any of the links in this particular post may lead to difficulties finishing whatever you need to do.
June: Bloggers on Mga Ibong Mandaragit
If a student raises her hand in a class on Philippine literature and says, "Hindi ko maintindihan ang Tagalog" (I can't understand the Tagalog), should the teacher say, "Eh kasi tanga ka" (That's because you're stupid)?
July: Filipino Librarians in Vancouver
In "Proudly Filipino in Vancouver," I promised to write about Filipino librarians in Vancouver. Well, three weeks later, I'm finally getting around to it.
August: Buwan ng Wika 2008
August is Buwan ng Wika (Language Month). This year, the theme is "Wika Mo, Wikang Filipino, Wika ng Mundo, Mahalaga!"
September: Too Busy to Blog... Again
Just in case you've been wondering what happened to this blog, here's the official announcement: This blog has not been updated in the past two weeks and will not be updated for at least another two weeks because its owner is too busy to blog... again.
October: Redefining the Dictionary
"Love makes things real." Erin McKean, a lexicographer, wasn't referring to toys, but to words that people love that aren't found in dictionaries. We have many such words in the Philippines =)
November: Troy Lacsamana — Library Leader
It is not enough that you have big dreams and plans. I should be able to communicate with my co-staff and co-volunteers the essence of why are we doing such activities and the importance of their contribution to our end goals.
December: Christmas 2008
I wouldn't dream of trading Christmas in the Philippines for a white Christmas. And that's why I made sure I'd be home this Christmas.

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