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FO: Books in Spanish

This post is for anyone who has ever had difficulty finding the original Spanish texts of English translations of books about the Philippines and/or by Filipinos.

The books listed below are from Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes, Biblioteca Digital Hispanica, The United States and its Territories, Project Gutenberg and Google Books. There are, of course, other books about the Philippines and/or by Filipinos on these sites. Note, however, that some of the sites are easier to use than others. And if you need help searching the sites, Google Translate can help translate Spanish words, phrases, and even entire pages into English, Tagalog, or thirty-eight other languages.

Aduarte, Diego
Historia de la Provincia del Sancto Rosario de la Orden de Predicadores en Philippinas, Iapon y China

Chirino, Pedro
Relacion de las islas Filipinas

Mas, Sinibaldo de
Informe sobre el estado de las Islas Filipinas en 1842

Morga, Antonio de
Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas (Retana, 1909)

Pardo de Tavera, Trinidad H.
Contribucion Para El Estudio de los Antiguos Alfabetos Filipinos
El sanscrito en la lengua tagalog

Retana, Wenceslao E.
La imprenta en Filipinas: adiciones y observaciones á la Imprenta en Manila de D. J. T. Medina

Rizal, José
Noli me tángere
El Filibusterismo

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