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Why am I doing what I'm doing?

"The Filipino Librarian asked: Why is a the used with Philippines?" This reference by Eric Ambata to one of my very first posts in 2005 led to the discovery that Manuel Quezon III recently posted several links to my blog in relation to a discussion on whether "Philippines" is plural or singular. Then I learned that Gibbs Cadiz referred to a foreword I wrote for a book as a "succinct introduction," and even quoted a lengthy passage.

All these, on top of articles in Philippine Star, Pinoy Herald and the Department of Foreign Affairs website (based on press releases [1 2 3] from the Philippine Embassy in Washington, DC) about my lecture at the US Library of Congress, made me think that perhaps the writing I've done in the past has made a bit of a difference. (Never mind that the articles about my lecture seemed to miss my point about the oldest books—not book—printed in 1593.)

And then I found out that Rev. Ed Bentley, a Canadian pastor, cited my experience on "Kapamilya Deal or No Deal" (KDOND) several months ago as "a true illustration of counter-consumerism" in a sermon (pdf), and said that,

We come into this life with nothing and we necessarily leave empty-handed. All that matters about whatever we win, earn, or acquire in the meantime is what we do with it, the good we make of it, the benefit we provide with it.
I never thought of my KDOND experience this way, but what he wrote reminded me of an old post entitled "I'm Just Trying to Matter", where I asked "Why am I doing what I'm doing?" Thanks to Rev. Bentley, I am reminded that I do what I do not so my words can get quoted in blogs or newspaper articles, but so that others can benefit from whatever I have learned.

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