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When will the Cebu City Public Library Re-open?

Cebu City Public Library
In December 2008, an announcement was made that Cebu City's Rizal Memorial Library would be closed for good. Pressure from Friends of the Cebu City Public Library, with the help of media exposure, led to the welcome news that the building would be renovated for three to six months and the library restored. The renovation, however, has still not been completed, even though a report indicated that "Acting" Mayor Michael Rama wanted the library fully renovated before the end of the year.

I do not know what the situation in Cebu is like, but based on what I've read (see articles below), it seems that there is more to this than meets the eye. Maybe someone can provide answers to the following questions:

  • The mayor and vice mayor do not seem to be talking to each other, as shown by conflicting pronouncements made in newspaper articles. Is the library's renovation getting caught in an election-related matter?
  • The supplementary budget has been approved, but has it been released? If the funds have been released, why is the renovation taking so long? Or is this delay related to the upcoming election as well?
  • Library associations and librarians in North America go crazy with press releases and blog posts when library closures are announced. But except for Mindanao Librarian, not a word has been heard (or at least, I haven't found anything online) from the Philippine Librarians Association or the Cebu Librarians Association. If even librarians don't think a library closure is worth fighting, does that mean it's time to close the library?
I know that I should have written about this earlier, but I'm writing about it now. And I hope that Filipino librarians in the Philippines, especially those in Cebu, will take it from here. At the very least, I hope someone can answer my questions above.

The following are the articles that I found online:
City library to close (Cebu Daily News, 30 Dec 2008)
Will closing library start trend? (CDN, 3 Jan 2009)
Rama ‘won’t eject public library’ (CDN, 5 Feb 2009)
Anniversary Issue (CDN, 8 Feb 2009)
Save Cebu City Library! (Freeman, 12 Feb 2009)
No plan to close city’s public library--Tomas (CDN, 27 March 2009)
Cebu City Library marks 90 years April 17 (CDN, 5 April 2009)
City seeks temporary home for Rizal Library (Sun.Star Cebu, 25 May 2009)
Funding for library complete (CDN, 15 Jun 2009)

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