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It's been a month since my fifth anniversary post, when I hinted that there may not be a sixth anniversary for this blog. Well, I'm still not sure what the future holds, but I've decided that I really need to shut down this blog and concentrate on writing my dissertation. True, I haven't been blogging much anyway, but there's always that nagging feeling that I should be blogging more or that there are certain things that I just have to blog about. And of course, there's also the occasional comment that just requires a reply. Not anymore. Unless and until I feel that I've written enough chapters to ensure that I can submit my dissertation by December 2010, this blog will remain the way it is now. If you really need to get in touch with me, send me an email at vondottotanesatgmaildotcom (you should know what to do with this, of course). Ciao!

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