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Library vs Internet?

The photo above shows Gino (Daniel Padilla), right, as he asks King Anand (Albert Martinez) for permission to use the latter's library: "...pwede ko ho bang gamitin yung library? Kasi po sa Internet, baka may ma-miss po ko eh." (May I use the library? Because on the Internet, I might miss something.)

Gino's statement is actually debatable when taken out of context, but it's good to see that a character in a teleserye, the most popular form of Philippine culture today, is acknowledging the library as a reliable source of information, which does not often happen in Filipino movies and television shows (where the library is frequently merely a setting for humorous happenings, scary sequences, or erotic encounters).

You can watch this 2 November 2012 episode of "Princess and I" (along with current and previous episodes of other ABS-CBN shows) for free on iwantv (registration required). The quote may be heard in the scene that begins at 7:34. The line is spoken at 8:10.

Thanks to Elvie Lapuz for the heads up =)

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