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Copy Cataloging

Below is a reference question that I received as a comment:

I read somewhere that Isabelo delos Reyes rewrote the Catholic Bible which he published under the title "Biblia Filipina." Do you know where I can secure a copy?
As far as I can tell, Biblia Filipina's full title is Biblia filipina : primera piedra para un Génesis científico expuesto según las rectificaciones de Jesús, authorship is credited to Gregorio Aglípay, and Isabelo de los Reyes is considered its publisher (see the entries from Library of Congress and RedLightGreen).

But to answer the question, your best bet is to ask a member of the Aglipayan Church (a.k.a. Iglesia Filipina Independiente or Philippine Independent Church). If you don't know any Aglipayans, resorting to search engines will only lead you to articles that claim de los Reyes wrote Biblia Filipina. Your next best bet is to search online catalogs and see if your library can borrow the book for you through inter-library loan , or you can try and go to the library directly and ask if you can photocopy the book.

LibraryLink and the UST, DLSU and Rizal libraries don't have it in their catalogs. Only the UP Main Library and the National Library have it. And then, of course, there's the Philippine eLib, which has the UP Main Library's bibliographic information but not the National Library's.

So why is this post called "Copy Cataloging" and not "Biblia Filipina"? Because, in case you haven't cataloged a book in a long time, all the resources consulted above are ideal for copy cataloging.

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