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Vintage Filipiniana Photos

When I first wrote about the "Ortigas Foundation Library," it did not yet have a website. Well, now it does: Ortigas Foundation, Inc. It's very encouraging that its first focus area (out of five) is "Filipiniana - History, Culture and Arts," and that if you click on the link, you get "Our Library." The library seems to be at the heart of the Foundation. I hope they keep it going.

And that's not all. It looks like it's going to be organizing a lot of events related to Filipiniana. In fact, they're even looking for a "Cultural Specialist," who it seems will be an events manager and librarian.

The latest exhibit will feature vintage photos (like the one above) from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries at Tiendesitas from November 14 to December 3, and at the Greenhills Shopping Center from December 4 to 23.

The invitation to the exhibit opening and the full press release follows:

Vintage Filipiniana Photos
Vintage Photo Show from the Ortigas Foundation Library

As part of its cultural outreach program, the Ortigas Foundation Library will be launching a mobile exhibition of vintage Filipiniana photographs.

These reproductions, made from original prints from the collection of Rafael Ortigas Jr., give the viewer a glimpse into the world of vintage photography. The last decade of the Nineteenth Century and the early years of the Twentieth Century were golden years for both artistic and documentary black and white photography in the Philippines. These prints show beautiful churches, elegant architecture, ingenious modes of transportation and scenes from daily life at the end of the Spanish colonial period and during the first years of the American occupation.

The original photographs were taken with wooden box, “view cameras,” using individually exposed black and white glass-plate negatives. We have made digital enlargements from our vintage prints and developed them sepia-toned and on black and white paper similar to what was originally used.

Vintage photographs have become an invaluable part of our national heritage as more and more classic buildings and traditional artifacts and costumes disappear with changing times. We hope this exhibition will help stimulate a lively interest in our unique national heritage and in the preservation of all that was finest and of value in Philippine culture.

The Vintage Photo Exhibit will open at Tiendesitas on November 14, Tuesday, 6pm. The exhibit will run until December 3 before it transfers to the new V-Mall at the Greenhills Shopping Center from December 4 to 23.

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