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LLE 2006: Library Organization and Management

The Librarians' Licensure Examination is fast approaching. If you or someone you know will be taking the exam—or even if you're enrolled in a library management class now—you may want to take a look at the following:

"A Brief History of Management"
by Jason Tanz (Fortune Small Business, 1 October 2003)

This irreverent overview traces the development of management thought, and provides brief comments on the benefits, drawbacks and cultural responses to management theories.
Onepine's Timeline
It's not the best-designed or most organized website, but the historical timeline features the usual suspects, and the links lead to even more helpful links.
Management History Division Links
If you can't find a link for a person or movement through Onepine, try the links listed by this division of the Academy of Management.
FIS 1230 Management of Information Organizations
This site makes the connection between management theory and library management. Why? Because it's for a class in library management =) There are also quizzes on the history of management, and planning, goals and objectives.
Library and Information Center Management (6th ed.)
This is the support site for the book by Robert Stueart and Barbara Moran. In case you don't have access to the book, the examples, exercises and case studies may prove useful.
How Do You Manage (Library Journal)
The board exam will probably not cover case studies at all, but if you'd like to read some real library management problems that are probably already happening in the Philippines, take a look at "Borrowing Privileges," "Ratting Out the Boss" and "Hostile Takeover?"
For more about the laws governing Filipino librarians, see "Licensed Librarians" and "Who Can Take the Librarians' Licensure Exam?"

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