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Pinoy Big Biblioblogosphere: May 2007

Do you remember why you became a librarian? Or how you got your first job as one? During the past month, Mhel asserted that "once a librarian, always a librarian." But no, she wasn't referring to retired librarians (she hasn't graduated yet); she was actually talking about how she grew up "playing" with her books, and that this was her OJT. Wow! Zarah, meanwhile, reminisced about her job hunting days on her 13th year as a librarian. But it was clearly not all fun and games, as shown by her post on "The Living Wounded."

There were quite a lot of posts on lectures and conferences, perhaps because many of these are conducted during the summer months.

Zarah shared what she learned at the RAP Annual Summer Convention 2007, had time for "Live Blogging @ Apple Camp" (1 2 3 4), and commented on the lecture of Cora Nera on Continuing Professional Education for Librarians. Mila reported on the talk delivered by Fides Datu-Lawton on open access initiatives. The PLAI-NCR blog summarized the lecture of Chito Angeles on the Design and Implementation of the U.P. IPN.

From Down Under, Peachy gave "a taste of an Aussie conference" and noted the differences between Australian and Filipino library conferences. Noel dreamt of a new future, but it was his presence at the 2007 JavaOne Conference that led me to hope that future librarians like him will be attending more conferences that are somewhat related—but not necessarily devoted—to librarianship.

Arnold linked to an article on the "4 Habits of Highly Effective Librarians," and points out that these are "nothing new... But it won’t hurt to refresh our memories and probably our practices as well." One way of doing this would be to consult the list of new books for librarians at the PLAI-STRLC blog.

Charles, a non-librarian, started a series on "Library Stories" (Part 1), but it was a non-serial post about eBook design that turned into a series when it was followed by "eBooks Redux," where he offered six "conditions" that would make the adoption of eBooks a reality; and "The Textbook Dilemma," which he believes is the solution to the problem of textbook photocopying.

The Read Or Die blog has started what I hope will turn into a series of posts. It began with "An informal survey of reading habits," and was followed by "More on Reading Habits." One of the writers can't imagine reading a book while eating, but I can't imagine eating alone without reading =)

Well, that particular reader was averse to eating while reading because he didn't want to get his books dirty. He may want to try the ancient way to protect books that Juned suggests. By the way, if anybody tries it, I'd be interested in knowing what happens =)

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