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FO: Pinoy Ako (I'm Pinoy)

Pinoy Ako
Lyrics: Jonathan Manalo
Music: Orange and Lemons
Performers: Orange and Lemons

Two years ago, I posted the lyrics and my translation. This time I thought it would be good to reflect on the changes that occurred between "Ako ay Pilipino" (I am Filipino) and "Pinoy Ako" (I'm Pinoy). There is the shift in musical styles, of course, but I suppose even linguists would find the differences in titles very interesting. And then there's the history behind each song's creation and reception. Is there any significance to the fact that one was commissioned by Imelda Marcos for her husband's inauguration in 1981, while the other was written for ABS-CBN's "Pinoy Big Brother"?

There are probably many ways of looking at it, but what matters most in my opinion is whether the song itself appeals to the people. Not all Filipinos will like both songs, many probably don't like either one. But it cannot be denied that aside from the national anthem, these two songs belong to the short list of songs that promote feelings of nationalism among Filipinos.

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