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FO: Reports of the Governors General (1900-1915)

"Old but timely reports" by Ambeth Ocampo (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 20 October 2007) reminds me that I have not even begun to fulfill my promise to write about the sites to which I linked in "Filipiniana Online: Links Shared at Rizal Library International Conference."

Let me start with the The United States and its Territories: 1870-1925: The Age of Imperialism (USIT), which I have previously dubbed "the best and largest online collection of Filipiniana materials available for free." The name of the site suggests a scope both wider and narrower than what it contains, and is perhaps the reason it is not better known. While some content is related to Cuba and Puerto Rico, the majority of the texts are devoted to the Philippines. And though most of the materials were published between 1870 and 1925, there are books and journals in the collection that appeared from 1926 onward. The site has some usability issues, but hey, if you need something and the library's closed or too far away, USIT is it =)

Its collection includes what have come to be known as the “Reports of the Governors General of the Philippine Islands” even though they do not all bear the same title. [For the students out there, please note that it is "Governors," not "General," that is pluralized.] If, however, you'd like to read for yourself the report that Ocampo cites in his column, you'll have to look elsewhere because it's not available on USIT.

I will be featuring other materials available on USIT, but for the meantime, below are the “Reports of the Philippine Commission" from 1900-1915. Due to cataloging rules that non-librarians will most likely not be familiar with, the uniform title "Report of the Governor General" is used for most of them on USIT. But if you know your Philippine history, you may be able to figure out why “Reports of the Philippine Commission" became "Reports of the Governors General" after 1916. Finally, not all volumes are available, but all years are represented.

Report of the Philippine commission: 31 Jan 1900
Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Vol. 4

Report of the United States Philippine commission: 1 Dec 1900-15 Oct 1901
Part 1

Report of the civil governor: Year ending 1 Oct 1902

Annual report of the Philippine Commission
1902 - Part 2
1903 - Part 2 of 3
1904 - Part 2 of 3
1905 - Part 2 of 4, Part 4
1906 - Part 2 of 3, Part 3
1907 - Part 2 of 3, Part 3
1908 - Part 2 of 2

Report of the Philippine Commission

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