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FO: TV Ads (1970s-Present)

I've written about TV ads before, but since YouTube wasn't as big then as it is now, and the 20th Philippine Advertising Congress is currently underway, I thought I'd share the "Karen" ad from McDonald's (above) and some links to a few TV ads—courtesy of ADman1909—as a way to get you to take a look at some of the 204 ads he's uploaded so far. You may view all of the TV ads uploaded by ADman1909, who also takes requests, by clicking on the following:

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By the way, some of the ads have poor video or poor audio or both. But if you look at "Related Videos" in the sidebar, you may just find a better version uploaded by someone else.
680 Department Store (Bert Marcelo)
Palmolive: "I Can Feel It" (Alice Dixson)
San Miguel Beer: Sabado Nights (Ina Raymundo)
Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog: Goodbye, Carlo
Coke: The Coke Beat

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