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Blog Bells and Whistles

This blog has a new look. Comments and suggestions are welcome. But if you're also a blogger (using Blogger.com) and are wondering how I did certain things, take a look at the following:

Three Column Minima (Layout Version)

I always thought 3-column layouts were not possible on Blogger. This blog offers clear instructions for doing so for just about all the free themes offered on Blogger.
Blogger hack: Expandable posts with Peekaboo view
If you've seen "Read More..." at the end of some of my posts, you can read more about how it's done in this post.
Code for New Blogger Tag Cloud / Label Cloud
Blogger.com allows the listing of labels, but not in a way that makes it clear which labels are used more often. But now I have a tag cloud in my sidebar!
Diigo's Enhanced Linkrolls
Furl's merger with Diigo made it easier to add quotes from the sites listed under "In the News & Blogs" in the sidebar.
CoLT 2.4.3
This Firefox Add-on has made one-click copying of link texts and URLs possible (as opposed to copying the text first, pasting it, then doing the same for the URL, which can get tedious if you link to as many sites as I do).

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