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PageRank 6

This isn't going to matter to many of this blog's readers, but I just thought I'd note that this blog's PageRank went up from 5 to 6 while I wasn't looking. All this means, of course, is that Google thinks this blog is more credible—according to its algorithm—than others with lower PageRanks, and not that it has more readers. It's also worth noting that though this blog began only in February 2005, its PageRank was already at 5 within six months (23 August 2005, to be exact).

Just to put all this in perspective, Inquirer.net and librarian.net—two of the sites visited most by Filipinos and librarians, respectively—each has a PageRank of 7, and most blogs will be lucky to have a PageRank of 5 after several years. If you'd like to know more about PageRank, see "How Google's PageRank Works."

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