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Dear Reader, Thank You!

I just learned about Blog Reader Appreciation Day via KyusiReader. The objective is to "thank and celebrate readers with special tributes, posts, contests, and give-aways."

I don't really have time to think of the mechanics for a contest, so let's just say that the first five commenters (make sure you input your correct email address in the proper box) will get a book from me. I'll figure out what book to give you based on what you say in your comment—fiction or nonfiction? library-related or not? heavy or light reading?

You may also wish to leave a comment regarding what you like or don't like about this blog. Good or bad, feedback is always good (for me, anyway), so don't be afraid to write what you think. If your comment is really fantastic, I may just decide to give you a special prize. You can also email me at vondottotanesatgmaildotcom if you don't want other people to see your comment.

No promises on when I can give you the book, but I'll get them to you as soon as I can. By the first week of May if you're in Metro Manila, before the end of May if you're elsewhere in the Philippines or Southeast Asia, July if you're in North America, and August if you're somewhere else around the world.

And thank YOU for reading my blog.

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