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Contest: Take a shot at READING

Take a shot at READING
This is one contest librarians should join. The contest started a few weeks ago, but even though it's sponsored by Philippine Daily Inquirer and National Book Store, it's not available on either sponsor's website. So I scanned the ad from the newspaper (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 9 April 2009, p. C3) and have reproduced the text below. Please note that the contest ends on 3 May 2009.

I wanted to launch a "Get Caught Reading" contest two years ago, but never quite got past the planning stage. This new contest means that I can actually join! Now if I can just find the time to do everything I need and want to do...

Take a shot at READING

Discover the life-changing power of books in a PHOTO CONTEST that will stir your creative juices!

Take a creative shot of yourself, posing with a book that has made a significant impact in your life. Take your pick from absolutely any of your favorite books – whether it’s a romance novel, an autobiography, non-fiction, or a thriller.

Weekly winners will be featured in the Sunday Lifestyle Section and will receive P5,000 worth of National Book Store gift certificates.

Three final winners will be selected, with the Grand Prize winner getting a whopping P50,000 worth of cash and gift certificates. Second and Third Prize winners will get P30,000 and P20,000 worth of cash and gift certificates, respectively.

1. Email takeashotatreading@gmail.com
2. Snail Mail Entries must be sealed in an envelope and addressed to Christine Correa or Karla Tricia Magno of Marketing Services Quad Alpha Centrum Bldg., 125 Pioneer St. Mandaluyong City 1550
3. Drop boxes at NBS branches

Entries submitted via snail mail or in drop boxes located at National Book Store branches nationwide must be saved in a CD with printouts of the photo (at least 4x6 inches in size).

Submitted photo entries must be in JPEG format with a standard size of 800×600 pixels, web format (72dpi). Entries must include a brief description of the photo (not more than 5 sentences) and an information sheet containing your name, age, contact number, mailing and email addresses.


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