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The Cebu City Public Library is back!

In January 2010, I asked "When will the Cebu City Public Library Re-open?" In June 2010, Sun.Star Cebu came out with an editorial entitled "Resurrect the Cebu City Public Library." But it took exactly a year and two days before I received good news from Chelo Echaves of Friends of the Cebu City Public Library. This was confirmed two weeks ago, when a Sun.Star contributor asked, "The Cebu City Public library is back in its place, have you heard?"

Below is the update I received from Chelo Echaves, whose efforts I suspect led to the publication of the Sun.Star's recent article and last year's editorial. I hope she keeps up the good work. Reproduced with permission and minor editing.

I am happy to update you regarding the Cebu City Public Library.

Because of so much support from people like yourself, the local government of Cebu City is presently more aware of the importance of having a public library. In fact, Cebu City local council is now involved in the development and promotion of the Cebu City Public Library.

While it is true that it took more than two years to renovate the Cebu City Public Library, it is more important to note that the local government of Cebu City did keep its promise to uphold the library’s presence and existence, which is currently evident. It wouldn’t be too long now before we can all witness a Cebu City Public Library that every Cebuano can be truly proud of!

The most exciting part of it all, though, is the fact that the Cebuanos are now more aware of the Cebu City Public Library’s presence and services, and that it has attracted a growing number of patrons and supporters, both local and international!

There is still a lot of work to be done, especially on the part of the now-confirmed, full-fledged librarian Mrs. Rosario Chua, nevertheless I believe the “dark winter season” of the Cebu City Public Library is now over.

Kudos to you and to others who did not allow distance and personal concerns to limit them in supporting causes that promote the dignity of education through reading and reading facilities such as the Cebu City Public Library!

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