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FO: Newer Maps

You may want to check out the following if you're looking for maps of the Philippines:

  • The map collection of the Perry-Castañeda Library, University of Texas at Austin, has country, city, detailed, historical, regional and thematic maps. Most were produced by the Central Intelligence Agency. The oldest is a map of Manila (1851), while the newest (2004) is the kind that most travel guides have.
  • The language maps of Ethnologue show where each of the different Filipino languages and dialects are spoken. A list of spoken and extinct Filipino languages is also available.
  • If you are a teacher, then you may find the printable blank map from about.com useful for geography tests.

In some cases, maps are automatically resized to fit your screen. Don't panic. A button with arrows will appear on the lower right of your screen. Click on this button to expand a map to regular size.

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