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The Real Revenge of the Blog People

(If you are not familiar with the term "blog people," please read Of Bloggers and "Blog People" first.)

From "Librarians' words to ponder," the third item on Frank Barnako's Internet Daily column (MarketWatch, 17 March 2005):

The chatter on panels and in receptions about the Internet, and the several live blogs covering the event, clearly show that librarians are anything but introverted and low-tech, as stereotypes would have it.
And then, of course, there's "CNN gives bloggers some respect," from Jon Friedman's Media Web column (MarketWatch, 18 March 2005):

"Millions of people are listening to what these guys have to say," notes David Bohrman, CNN's vice president of news and production and Washington bureau chief, said of bloggers. "It's a fascinating evolution of a different kind of journalism."

Now, if blogs were so "unpublishable," how come so many people are reading them? Bob Dylan: "The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind."

Here's hoping that stereotypes about Filipino librarians will also be shattered... oh, maybe in a decade or so!

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