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Licensed Librarians

See also "Who Can Take the Librarians' Licensure Exam?" and "Legal Issues on R.A. 9246."

Librarians need a license to practice in the Philippines. And just like doctors and accountants, we need to take a board exam.

The Board for Librarians (its members as of 2005 were Perla T. Garcia, Corazon M. Nera and Elizabeth R. Peralejo) takes charge of administering the exam. You can learn more about the Board, including exam schedules, results and board resolutions, through the Professional Regulation Commission's website. It has a link to the original law creating the Board, but since this law has already been repealed, you're better off checking out the Chan Robles Virtual Law Library, the Lawphil Project, or downloading Republic Act 9246 (pdf) from Congress itself.

If you want to know how the practice of librarianship in the Philippines came to be regulated--including the passing rate at the board exams from 1992 to 2002--please read The Professionalization of Librarians in the Philippines by Antonio M. Santos.

If you would like to know what happened at the 2004 board exam, please see the speech I delivered at the oath taking ceremonies. The 2004 results may be viewed through the Philippine Daily Inquirer (pdf) or the Manila Standard (html).

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