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Pinoy Big Biblioblogosphere: April 2007

It's time for the Filipino version of the Carnival of the Infosciences, This Week in LibraryBlogLand at LISNews, and Rambling Librarian's Highlights from Singapore LibraryBlogLand.

This will be a monthly post, so if you'd like to have your blog covered in future posts, leave a comment below. It doesn't matter if you're a librarian, a library student or a non-librarian. If you're a Filipino—or even a foreigner based in the Philippines—blogging about libraries, books, literacy, etc., let me know so that I can add your blog to my Google Reader.

Our first housemate-blogger is Zarah Gagatiga, whose two-part "The Living Library" (1 2) explains why "a reader friendly library is a library that is alive and thriving in all aspects of services and programs." Peachy Limpin discusses the use of wireless technology in conducting the annual inventory at her library in Australia. Arnold Zafra shares how bloggers can use the new Wordpress Theme Generator. On a related note, Juned Sonido and Noel Feria wrote about their experiences at iblog3. This reminds me of the first time I met librarian-bloggers at iblog more than two years ago. And now there are enough libloggers to do this review. Wow!

Next up are those who have been sharing their notes on recent conferences and lectures for librarians.

There's Mel Cichon, who has been emailing his notes on a recent conference on emerging trends in libraries and information services to the PAARL Yahoogroup, but has also already posted most of them to his blog. Then there's PLAI-STRLC, which provides the slides used at a lecture on continuing professional education for librarians and existing library standards. And of course, there's the report on the annual GAB lecture at the UP Library Bulletin.

Non-librarians have been writing about reading. Sacha Chua shares her thoughts on a book that will "help kids fall in love with reading," and links to her mom's post (!) on teaching the love of reading. Connie Veneracion maintains that a love for reading does not depend on how much money you have. But what do you do if you don't have money to buy books? Juned Sonido, who seems to have more blogs than any librarian I know, suggests alternatives to buying books.

Finally, the following are blogs that you may wish to explore or subscribe to just because what they're writing about or doing should make us think about the future of libraries. There's Read or Die, which has been going through some changes as a "club," but may in fact be viewed as a type of library managed by readers, not librarians. Charles Tan writes in a post on music piracy that, "The problem with ebooks is that they haven't really caught on," which should be food for thought to those who think that books aren't necessary anymore. And then there's Kiven, who has a degree in LIS, but "catalogs" more babes than books. If the position "gaming librarian" ever makes it to Philippine libraries, I'm willing to bet that he'd be one of the first choices for the position.

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