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Sexual Harassment @ Your Library?

See update at "Harassment and Blogging."

In "Do You Know What People Say About You?" I shared some feedback from bloggers regarding libraries. The feedback below is about a "scary librarian," as narrated by Robs Quiambao, who is female, notwithstanding the masculine nickname:

And speaking of librarians…just this morning—or noon, to be more accurate—the scary librarian at the Filipiniana/Gen Ref Sections harassed me again. Or maybe he’s just being mabait [nice], whatever, but every time he does that, I feel so harassed. And he’s been doing that since my first year in college. He looks at my ID longer than usual. And he says “bye-bye” to me every single time I leave the lib. He’s really creepy. He’s the only librarian who says “bye-bye” and all that. Kanina, humirit pa ng “Ingat” ang lolo mo [Earlier, gramps even added, "Take care"]. grandseizar was with me at the lib. And he, too, was shocked.
If I were the library director, I'd try to find out a little more. If this account is true, then she is probably not the only one being harassed by this person.

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