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Carnival of the Infosciences 81

Mabuhay! Welcome to the October 15 edition of the Carnival of the Infosciences (COTI).

In the Philippines, a "carnival" will bring up memories—depending on age and geographic location—of Fiesta Carnival, Enchanted Kingdom, the local karnabal, perya (fair) or peryahan. The video above gives a flavor of the Filipino perya, not to mention the Filipinos who ride them and what they do with their phone cameras. The views it provides from above and from below also indicate the international character of this particular carnival post, which is probably the first posted from Asia. Note: Unless otherwise indicated, authors are librarians from the Philippines.

If you have time for only one post at this time, do read the one by Juned Sonido, who asks "What is the technoweenie?" and proceeds to differentiate between the Technophile, Technophobe and Technoweenie (aka Technosexual!), and even pokes fun at GOD and GAS. Other Filipino librarians all seem to have chosen to write about their personal experiences, which reveal quite a lot about the situation of libraries and library education in the Philippines.

Igor Cabbab recalls the numerous humorous—and not-so-humorous—events that happened to him in "My Life in the SLIS: UP SLIS ca. 1990 to 2002"; Eimee Lagrama reviews her alumni association's accomplishments and her frustrations during her term as its president in "Giving something back"; and Zarah Gagatiga writes about the prejudices she encountered while still a student in "A School Librarian's Pride (and Prejudice)." Meanwhile, Melchor Cichon looks to the future and shares his dream as a new university librarian in "My Vision of a University Library." While Charles Tan, a library user, notes that libraries in the Philippines do not differentiate themselves well enough, especially on their websites, in "Specialized Libraries."

Submissions from around the world included those from Ivan Chew (Singapore), who, in "Facebook at work: Address the cause, not hide the symptom," tackles an issue that librarians who are into social networking will encounter sooner or later. Daithi Mac Sithigh (Ireland), a lawyer, expresses misgivings about a pending bill that would make a library's public lending rights a "Public Lending Wrong." And John Dupuis (Canada), in an "Interview with Richard Akerman, Technology Architect at CISTI," presents a techie's thoughts on the relationship between techies and librarians. Finally, Larry Ferlazzo (USA), an ESL teacher, shares links to websites that may be used to prepare new English speakers for trips to "Libraries"; and John Miedema (Canada), a library student, who reviews "Balanced Libraries by Walt Crawford," and writes that, "It could be the bible of the Slow Library movement."

Well, that's it for this edition of COTI. If you have no idea what COTI is all about, its purpose is "to showcase the panoply of great writing within the [biblioblogosphere] and to expose the world to as many [Library and Information Science] blogs as possible." Join the next edition of the carnival by: 1) using the carnival submission form; or 2) using the del.icio.us tag "carninfo." For past posts, future hosts and other information, check out the COTI wiki.

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