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Update on Job Openings and Career Development

In "Job Openings and Career Development (JOCD) is One Year Old," I asked for feedback and got it. At least three people learned about the jobs they now have through JOCD. One of them emailed me privately, another left a comment on the post, and the other replied through the Filipino Librarians Googlegroup, where other members also expressed support for the blog. An employer also wrote to say that many of the applicants he interviewed for a position mentioned JOCD. Here's hoping that another JOCD reader gets hired. Needless to say, JOCD will keep on going. But I'd like to ask for some help.

If you are an employer and would like to advertise a position, please send me the specifications, but make sure that you begin with a summary in the following format:
Job title: [the official one]
Institution: [name of university, company, etc.]
Location: [city and province, if in the Philippines; city and country, if elsewhere]
If you would like to promote an event, please use the following format for the summary:
What: [name of event]
Where: [city, if in the Philippines; city and country, if elsewhere]
When: [date(s) and time]
How much: [pesos for local events; US dollars with peso equivalent for foreign events]
Sponsor: [just the main organizer]
There is no charge for advertising on JOCD or reading the posts, but please let me know if you found the blog helpful in finding a job or an employee, so that I don't have to wonder whether it's worth the effort.

My email address is von-dot-totanes-at-gmail-dot-com.

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