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Get Caught Reading... in Tagalog

Get Caught Reading... in TagalogThat's my cousin Wayne.
Photo used with his parents' permission.

The "poster" above is the one I promised to make in "Get Caught Reading." Spread the word. Make your own poster. Or use mine. Here's the code:
<a href="http://filipinolibrarian.blogspot.com/2007/01/
reading.html"><img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_diXvE1LNZiQ/
For the benefit of those who can't read Tagalog, the poster title should be read this way: NaKaKaBaSa Ka PaLa (I didn't know you could read). I came up with a Tagalog title because a purely English one, in my opinion, would not be as effective, especially with Filipino kids who are just learning to read.

You may also want to support the Read or Die Convention, which will take place on 3-4 February 2007, and the fundraising project of Ex Libris Philippines, which will be held on 7 March 2007.

And then there's "I don't read," where a blogger remembers the time when he thought it was cool to be anti-reading. Well, maybe it's time we spread the word that reading is cool =)

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