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By Vernon R. Totanes

Updated October 11: added Malaya link and 2 more newspapers.
PCIJ: GMA supporters outspent rivals in the battle of the ads, but did they win it?
Malaya (page 1): GMA camp spent P22M in "Battle of the Ads"
Manila Times (page 3): GMA allies outspent rivals in ads
ABS-CBN Interactive: GMA allies outspent rivals in ads
Sun Star Cebu: Pals pay P22M for Glo ad blitz
Business World (page 11): GMA supporters outspent rivals in ad battle, but did they win it? [Only paid subscribers can access this.]
Cebu Daily News: [I've been told that the article appeared in the October 10 issue, but I can't find the link. Please leave a comment below if you can find it.]
I always dreamed of seeing my name on the front page of a newspaper. Well, it just happened—in a newspaper difficult to buy on the streets or find in a library. But that's good enough for me =)

And since this post has "Bida ako" [I'm the star] written all over it, I might as well let you know that there are links to the PCIJ version of the article under INQ7's "Other Top Stories" and Inside PCIJ, and that there's a nice photo you might want to check out at the garapata can speak....

In case any of you are wondering how this apolitical librarian ended up writing for the very political PCIJ, I actually submitted an application for the position of librarian, and got a call asking if I was interested in writing an article for them.

I'd like to think I got offered the job because of my good looks... but it's more likely that this blog—and being in the right place at the right time—had something to do with it.

For what it's worth, I always thought my name would make it into the news for something trashy like "Kris dumps James for Von!" =P

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