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Talkin' Blogs on Library Journal

Talkin' BlogsIn "Talkin' Blogs," a few blograrians "discuss the impact of blogging on library practice." There's also an interview with the anonymous Feel-good Librarian, who once wrote in "On the good ship Librarian" that

We hold hands. We open eyes. We walk through doors with people through the information we provide. We boldly go where no one has gone before, through teaching people to read, showing them new possiblities, giving them options. One piece of information has the power to change someone's life, and we get to do it every day. Every day!
See also "Creating Your Niche on the Net" by Marylaine Block, where she talks about blograrians who got in on the ground floor and are now the recognized experts in their field. This is already happening here, where librarians have begun setting up blogs that are not about purely personal matters: School Librarian in Action, Filipina Teacher-Librarian, and Filipino Public School Librarians.

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