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LLE 2005: Preparing for D-Day

D-Day for those taking the Librarians' Licensure Examination this year will be on Thursday and Friday, November 3-4. If you have not yet begun reviewing for the exam, you still have a few weeks. It's also time to start preparing for the day itself.

Pay attention. The deadline for submission of applications has already passed. You should have all the necessary papers by now. Make sure you read, understand and follow all of the instructions.

Plan ahead. If you can go on leave from work during the week of the exams, do so. (This should be easy because only November 2 and 3 are working days during that week. But I'm not sure if the declaration of November 4 as a holiday will have any effect on the exam.) If you can pass on your household responsibilities to your husband/wife, parents, children, or friends during that week, start making arrangements now. It will be much better if you are not worrying about other things a few days before or, worse, during the exam. And if you can afford to celebrate after the exam, start making plans to go out of town for a few days.

Getting there. The venue will be announced just a few days before the exam. Make sure you are able to find out as soon as possible. Visit the venue before the first day of the exam. Figure out how to get there and how long it will take. If you plan to take public transportation, find out all the possible routes you can take. If you're bringing a car, look around to see where you can park. If you want someone to drive for you, let them know now. Finally, assume that something will go wrong, so prepare backup plans in case your car won't start, there's a rally somewhere, or you wake up late.

Stay healthy. Remember to eat. Not just on the exam days, but also while you're studying. It's very hard to think on an empty stomach. And get some exercise. Studying for many hours without stopping will be counter-productive. Get up after an hour and walk around a little. Better yet, play badminton, go to an aerobics class or swim every other day. Are you the type who gets sick when something important is coming? You better visit a doctor soon.

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