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Conan the Librarian

Click on the arrow to watch the video. It will take some time to load, so I suggest you click on the "pause" button while waiting. The video will stop playing, but it will continue to load.
Thanks to a comment left by Dominique, I remembered that I once linked to a video featuring Conan the Librarian. Yes, it's the fake commercial that appeared in UHF, starring Weird Al Yankovic.

Don't forget to check out the adventures of Conan the Librarian as told by Hadley V. Baxendale. And then there's the Conan the Librarian blog, whose anonymous owner (obviously a librarian, very likely male) started writing about "idiots of the day" in August 2002. For more information about Conan the Librarian online or offline, check out the Wikipedia entry or Jux2.

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