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Quiz: Which is Witch?

The following exercises will, I hope, illustrate the proper use of words that sound or look alike. While the sentences were created specifically for this post, the ways in which the words have been misused are not. I have encountered examples of these errors in students' papers, blogs, newspapers, books, and yes, even my own work =)

Feel free to use these exercises with your children, nephews and nieces, students, etc. If you are not sure of the answers, please click on "Comments" below.

Instructions: Choose the correct sentence.

  1. a. Their there in they're room.
    b. There their in they're room.
    c. They're there in their room.
    d. They're their in there room.

  2. a. Its eating it's sh-t.
    b. It's eating its sh-t.

  3. a. Your on you're own.
    b. You're on your own.

  4. a. Tell me whether the weather is better.
    b. Tell me weather the whether is better.

  5. a. Don't lose your loose change.
    b. Don't loose your lose change.

  6. a. The principle author preferred principal over money.
    b. The principal author preferred principle over money.

  7. a. The foreword spoke of moving forward.
    b. The forward spoke of moving foreword.

  8. a. It may be that "maybe" means "no."
    b. It maybe that "may be" means "no."

  9. a. Never advise someone to disregard advice.
    b. Never advice someone to disregard advise.

  10. a. A compliment can complement an insult.
    b. A complement can compliment an insult.

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