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FO: Ang Bagong Alfabeto at
Patnubay sa Ispeling

The New Alphabet and Spelling Guide

2001 Revisyon ng Alfabeto at Patnubay sa Ispeling ng Wikang FilipinoToday is the last day of Buwan ng Wika (Language Month).

If you've never heard of the 2001 Revisyon ng Alfabeto at Patnubay sa Ispeling ng Wikang Filipino, then you're probably like most Filipinos.

If you're a parent who is as confused as your child about what alphabet to use for Filipino assignments, you may want to check out Filipino: 2001 Alphabet Revision & Spelling Guide, which is a blogger's effort to make the full text of the document issued by the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) more widely available. Note: There is no reference to the Revisyon on the KWF wiki.

I have not had time to go through the entire document, but the only thing I can say after skimming it and other articles about it—and a blog that is actively implementing its suggestions (see link below)—is that, after so many years of trying, perhaps language cannot be "legislated" into existence.

Theologians talk about the "reception" of Vatican II and other Church documents when they evaluate whether these have been embraced by the people of God. While some documents create controversy but are eventually welcomed by the people (e.g., masses are now said in the vernacular, as decreed by Vatican II), many more—like some Philippine laws—just disappear after a while (ever heard of Liturgiam Authenticam?). Either more work needs to be done to spread the word about the Revisyon or its proponents need to think about why it has not been adopted by Filipinos.

If you'd like to know a bit more about the Revisyon, take a look at the following:
"Wikang Filipino: Kumusta na?" by RJA Asuncion and RRT Calbay (Varsitarian, 18 August 2006)

"Ang Estandardisasyon ng Wika at ang Pagsusulong ng Filipino sa Akademya" by Galileo Zafra (Introduction to Gabay sa Editing sa Wikang Filipino, 2004)

"Ang 2001 Revisyon ng Alfabeto at Patnubay sa Ispeling ng Wikang Filipino: Paglilinaw at Paglalapat" by Lakandupil Garcia (Paradimo, May 2003)
Finally, drop by Filipinayzd to see what the Revisyon's Filipino looks like in practice.

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