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Life Trumps Blogging

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you've probably noticed that I'm not blogging as much as I used to. You might want to consider subscribing to this blog via RSS or inputting your email address in the box in the sidebar so that you can be informed when a new post goes up.

To all those who've emailed me with requests, I try to respond as much as I can, but you're probably better off asking your questions on the Filipino Librarians Googlegroup (see sidebar to join the group).

Until I'm able to get used to my new lifestyle as a PhD student at the University of Toronto, posts will probably just be limited to one or two a week. I actually just made my first presentation in class (pdf slides | text) last Monday, and I expect that there will be many more. Not to mention other not-quite-scholarly projects and just plain dealing with the new environment.

By the way, if you point your mouse at the links in the previous paragraph and look at the URLs, you'll see that I have a new blog and a new wiki. I expect that there will be more, so stay tuned.

I think it's also worth noting that the number of hits this blog has received has not fallen off even though I stopped posting daily. I thought the talumpati searches would decline after Buwan ng Wika, but I guess I was wrong.

Finally, the title of this post is from an essay by Walt Crawford (Cites & Insights 5:13, Mid-Fall 2005) on bloggers who take breaks. Which reminds me that I wanted to write about Crawford's First Have Something to Say (2003), where he says: "If you have a weblog, post an 'out to lunch: back next week' sign on your site." The contexts of the essay and the book are quite different, but his advice gives me some assurance that this blogging slow down will probably be good for me... and you =)

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