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LLE 2006: Information Technology

Mark I
That's a photo of an exhibit at Harvard University. It's not the Mark I; it's part of the Mark I. For more about the "largest electromechanical calculator ever built," see "IBM's ASCC (a.k.a. The Harvard Mark I)."

If you're preparing for the Librarians' Licensure Examination—or maybe you're just plain interested in the development of computers—you may want to take a look at the following:

From Gutenberg to the Internet

Presents an "annotated chronology of the history of information" taken from the book by Jeremy Norman. It's not very user-friendly (e.g., the timetable appears after a long introduction, and the search box appears only on one page), but the annotation and the links provided are very helpful. From 30,000 BC to 2006.
Computer History Museum
Its "Timeline of Computer History" is very user-friendly. Click on a year to see everything that happened that year, or click on a category to see photos and descriptions of "Computers," for instance, in chronological order. From 1939 to 1994.
The History of Computing Science
Slides (with annotation) for a lecture originally delivered in 1994, and has since won awards. Perhaps because it was part of "an introductory course designed primarily for students from other disciplines... [and] not intended for the computing science major student."
National Museum of American History
Provides an introduction to the Internet for beginners, including illustrations of how the different parts of the computer are connected and interact with one another, issues to consider, and a glossary of terms.
Sacred Hall of Computer and Internet Terms and Acronyms
This will be useful for determining what certain abbreviations and acronyms mean. There are other sites available, but this seems to be the most user-friendly.
A very simple matching game that will be useful for those who are not familiar with the meanings of ten common terms.

For information on library software, check out "Integrated Library Software."

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