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FO: Peso-Dollar Exchange Rate

Peso-Dollar Exchange Rate"Wala kang mabibili" (You won't be able to buy anything) is what Filipinos who live overseas usually tell visitors from the Philippines, many of whom keep converting prices into pesos while shopping. Then there are those who can't keep themselves from reminiscing about how expensive everything is now.

The following sites will be useful for those who can't help but convert prices into pesos, and those who need some perspective when comparing prices from long ago. The websites are listed according to the earliest year for which rates are available. Guess what the exchange rate was in 1945?

Provides the latest peso-dollar exchange rate from the Philippine Dealing System. See "Peso surges vs dollar for 7th straight session" for good news or bad news, depending on where you live and what you do for a living.
The "world's most popular currency tool" (according to them) allows users to calculate the value of any amount in 85 currencies using "live, up-to-the-minute currency rates." Historical currency tables for all currencies may also be viewed. Data for the Philippines is available beginning 16 November 1995 (PHP26.25-US$1).
International Currency Converter
Provides exchange rates for 270 countries, but is most useful for its graphs and summaries of historical rates (see image above). Data for Philippine graphs begin 16 November 1995 (PHP26.25-US$1).
Exchange rates are available for 164 currencies based on "up to date exchange rates provided from leading market data contributors." Historical daily exchange rates for the Philippines start from 23 October 1993 (PHP29.50-US$1).
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines)
The BSP's Online Statistical Interactive Database includes "Exchange Rates" in its menu, from which "Philippine Peso per US Dollar" may be chosen. Rates are available on an annual basis from 1970 (PHP6.44-US$1), and on a monthly and daily basis from 1945 (PHP2.00-US$1). Exchange rates for other currencies are also available.

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