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i-Conference 2006:
Filipino PhD Students

Filipino PhD Students

From left: Mayette Rivera, Fr. Denny Toledo, Ricky Punzalan, and me.
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I thought Ricky Punzalan and I would be the only Filipinos at i-Conference 2006. But I was happy to learn that I was wrong. It's just too bad that the only time we were all together was for the photo above.

Individual info is as follows:

Ma. Theresa "Mayette" M. Rivera
University of the Philippines
"The Old and the New Media: Community Communication and Citizen Participation in a Tri-cultural Community in Upi, Maguindanao"
Dissertation grant recipient, Fulbright CHED-MAEP

Ramon Prudencio "Denny" S. Toledo, SJ
Drexel University
"Negotiation in Online Collaborative Mathematics Problem-solving"

Ricardo "Ricky" S. Punzalan
University of Michigan
"Culion Leprosy Patient Records: Manifestations of Segregation and Colonial Control"

Vernon "Von" R. Totanes
University of Toronto
"History of the Filipino History Book in the Twentieth Century"
Note: All dissertation titles are tentative.

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