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Librarians Don't Wear Prada?

I came across the quote below via Bob Sutton's blog while doing research for my latest presentation:

It can even be "a badge of honor" to be a domineering boss in fashion or entertainment, says Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a senior associate dean at Yale's School of Management. "They stir up the pot. They are agitators for change." Of Priestly's young, fear-struck assistant in "Prada," he says: "Did she think she was going to work for a librarian?"

-"'Prada' Movie Spotlights Nasty Boss Phenom" by Jocelyn Noveck (AP, 5 July 2006)
I suppose I can live with the non-threatening librarian stereotype, but there must be at least a few librarians out there who are Prada-wearing bosses from hell =)

And then there's the implication that librarians do not "stir up the pot" and are not "agitators for change." Or am I imagining things?

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