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i-Conference 2006:
John Seely Brown on the Networked Age

John Seely Brown on the Networked AgeIn "Learning Reconceived for the Networked Age," John Seely Brown (JSB) started by discussing "enfolding binaries" and "preparing students for career trajectories, not fixed careers" (see photo below).

John Seely Brown on enfolding binaries
He then referred to the architecture studio, where work in progress is public—unlike research in academy, which has to be "finished" before publication—to illustrate what he meant.

He differentiated between "learning about" and "learning to be," which seems to be similar to the difference between telling a man how to catch fish, and letting him learn to catch fish by doing it himself. Other examples: the open source movement, Decameron Web, open and closed peer review at Nature, MediaCommons, etc.

I'm going to stop here now because I think I'm missing too much. If you'd like to listen to JSB yourself, watch the i-Conference 2006 website. The audio should be up within the week. Actually, video streaming is also available. And will be available for the other featured speakers.

For more information about JSB, check out his website.

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