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Institutional and Association Blogs

It's not just individual Filipino librarians who are blogging now. The institutional and association blogs listed below are the ones I know about. I have featured some of them before, but others are relatively new or I never got around to writing about them. Some are official library blogs, while others are advocacy or even supplier blogs.

Aklatang Pambata Online
I doubt if there are many in Philippine librarianship who have not heard of or read about Troy Lacsamana and Aklatang Pambata.
ASLP online
The blog of the Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines (ASLP) is hosted by Arnold Zafra, who seems to be doing it pro bono.
Bayan Akayin Sa Abot-Tanaw (BASA)
Basa is the Tagalog word for "read." It's interesting that the driving force behind BASA is not a librarian, but Fr. Ted Gonzales, SJ.
It used to be that Electronic Information Solutions, Inc. (EISI) relied more on a traditional website. Now its blog is its website.
Filipino American Library Blog Spot
The Filipino American Library has a website, a MySpace account and a blog. Wow!
What's New at the IRRI Library
The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) library's blog is also available as a Bloglines blog, which actually came before the one on Blogger.
PLAI-Southern Tagalog Region Librarians Council (STRLC)
Like the Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (PLAI), PLAI-STRLC does not have a traditional website, but unlike PLAI, it has a blog and is actually using it to share conference presentations.
PNU-LIS Updates
The PNU Library and Information Science Alumni Association (PNU-LISAA) hasn't been updated since December 2005, but now that Peachy Limpin is blogging again (from Australia!), maybe some new posts will be forthcoming.
UP Library Bulletin
The official newsletter of the University of the Philippines Library System now has an online version. Perhaps other libraries will soon follow? =)
Unfortunately, not all of these blogs are updated regularly. But thanks to Jenny Levine and FeedBurner, I've put together a page on Institutions that will be updated whenever any of the blogs above are updated. Alternatively, you can also subscribe to the RSS feed.

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