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Ambeth Ocampo on Doctrina Christiana

Another interesting link recommended by a blogger brings you to the US Library of Congress and allows you to flip through a digital copy of the first book printed in the Philippines, the “Doctrina Cristiana” of 1593.

—"Time capsules" by Ambeth Ocampo (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 1 December 2006)
If you happened to read Ambeth Ocampo's column last week and wondered how you could find the "digital copy" of the Doctrina Cristiana he was referring to, he was actually referring to my post entitled "FO: Doctrina Christiana."

Did you try looking for the digital book using a search engine? Well, as I wrote in that post, "Not everything shows up on search engines" =)

And even if you tried looking for it using the Library of Congress catalog, unless you knew exactly how to use the catalog and what you were looking for, it would still be difficult to find the book. So if you'd like to tell other people how to find it, just tell them to search "filipino librarian doctrina."

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