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FO: Philippine Star's Archives

After a long, long time, the Archives link of Philippine Star is working. It seems to be so new that the search engines haven't spidered anything beyond 2006.

The calendar links to dates from 1 January 2000 to 31 (?!) December 2006, but unfortunately, the first week of January 2000 and the entire August 2000 display the following message: "SORRY! No Archive For This Date."

Someone needs to teach their webmaster about netiquette—s/he needs to stop using CAPS to SHOUT at readers. But hey, it took YEARS before they put up their Archives, so I shouldn't keep my hopes up =)

The following are the more significant articles from Philippine Star that I have linked to in the past:

Edsa 20/20: Fatigues

Coup season by Scott R. Garceau (5 March 2006)
More on Library Hub
3 in 4 recent elementary grad can’t read by Sandy Araneta (6 November 2005)
Consal XIII and Publishers
Book of Summer Reading by Juaniyo Y. Arcellana (15 May 2005)

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