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FO: Hangad's "Magnificat"

Ang Puso Ko'y Nagpupuri (Magnificat)
Based on Luke 1:39-55
Lyrics and music by: Eduardo Hontiveros, SJ
Performed by: Hangad
Lyrics | Audio sample (ram)

This video moved me to post the following on Hangad's online forum more than two years ago:
hi! i just saw most of the video recently. i had seen the video before but only catching the last 30 seconds or so. i noted the blue and white motif and the jumping, but didn't quite get it even though i did like the video as a whole.

anyway, this time i saw it from the beginning (i think). and it got me thinking. the blue and white is obviously marian and, though i had to verify it in the bible, the jumping is a reference to john leaping in his mother's womb just before mary utters the magnificat. but there's obviously more to it than just john's prenatal leap because of all the shots of planes, trains and automobiles. my best guess is that it has something to do with infecting others with god's love. evidence? the last shot where the guy about to enter his car decides to forego the comfort of his own vehicle and run after the jumpers.

and i suppose this has something to do with what i liked best about the video--that it takes an old song with all the baggage of something that tends to be sung as if at a funeral and reminds viewers that the song is about JOY. who wants to join people who are so burdened by guilt (and boredom and apathy?) that they sing "alleluia" and "santo" at mass as if somebody died? no wonder so many catholics are defecting to more joyful congregations. but i digress.

good job! and i hope you make many more that will remind christians that following christ is not JUST about suffering, that we are sustained through the suffering because of the JOY he brings.

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