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"Bawal panget beyond this point"

Bawal panget beyond this point
Ugly people not allowed beyond this point

According to the Nashman, an "assistant part-time librarian," he will be making some changes at his library to ensure that the "quality" of users is high:
Our library will have the first ever 'face police' at the entrances to ensure that only pretty people can get in... I will make spot inspections to see that facial standards are high. I have also put some signs to remind the undesirables to go elsewhere.
But please note the caveat on the blog's sidebar:"Sarcasm. Metaphor. Satire. Catharsis. If you don't know what these mean, please don't read my blog."

By the way, if you don't understand Tagalog, below are translations of the other signs.
No borrowing for mga chaka
No borrowing for ugly people

Aanhin mo ang libro kung ika'y mukhang kabayo
What will you do with a book if you look like a horse

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