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Library Related Conferences Around the World

If you're looking for conferences anywhere around the world that you can attend this year until 2015, check out Library Related Conferences, compiled by Marian Dworaczek and updated as of 24 January 2007.

Only two events are listed as taking place in the Philippines this year:

February 15 - 17
Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
3rd Asia-Pacific Computer and Philosophy Conference [more (pdf)]

April 23 - 24
Makati City, Phillipines (sic)
International Conference on "Living the Information Society: The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on People, Work and Communities in Asia." [more]
Perhaps the compiler was just not aware of sources she could consult for library events in the Philippines. But I don't think there is one site I could go to for a list like this. One more missed opportunity...

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