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Digital Odyssey 2007


I'm now at Digital Odyssey 2007, which is being held at the Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto, where I'm studying. Everyone else is paying hundreds of dollars to pay for this day-long event, but I got in for free by volunteering as a blogger =)

I've actually uploaded photos to the blog already, but apparently someone else needs to approve it first. Right now, I'm at a session for which I'm not officially blogging, so you'll just have to check out the official blog. The speaker is Jeff Trzeciak, who seems to be the coolest university librarian right now—and not just in Canada, but the United States, too. He's a level-70 gamer (Tavrnwr) on World of Warcraft, and has his own Facebook account.

But he's cool not only because of what he does outside the library, but how he uses his interests in the context of his work at McMaster University. And it's not because he's fresh out of school. He actually worked with card catalogs, and has had a lot of experience as an administrator. One of the most impressive aspects of his presentation involved how he was able to manage the retirement of eight librarians and the creation of six new positions in a cost-cutting environment in the past year.

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